Umbria offers an incredibly rich variety of events, exhibitions, markets, food festivals. Some events are particularly worth a visit, as the ones we have selected underneath.


Assisi - First week of May
Calendimaggio is an accurate historical representation of medieval/renaissance life, with theatre shows, concerts, choral chants, typical dances, flag wavers displays, arch and crossbow contexts.


The festival of Waxes (Corsa dei Ceri)

Gubbio - 15 May
The festival of Waxes is held the day before the anniversary of the death of Saint Ubaldo, Patron of Gubbio; so old is this tradition, some say it derives from the rituals of the ancient Umbrians, 3000 years ago.
The Waxes are 3 gigantic wooden structures weighting around 400 Kg each, bearing on top the statues of Saint Ubaldo, Saint George and Saint Anthony; The 3 Waxes are carried on shoulder from Gubbio downtown to the top of Mount Ingino, where stands the basilica named after Ubaldo.
People involved in the festival, the so-called ceraioli, run a relay-like race in the narrow streets and alleys with that heavy burden on their shoulders. They climb up Mount Ingino in a strenuous effort, followed by a coloured screaming crowd.
This is one of the most peculiar traditional events in Italy, dip into a strong mystic atmosphere who wraps the spectator.
The Waxes of Gubbio are the official symbol of Umbria.

La corsa dei ceri a Gubbio

The wax race in Gubbio

Crossbow Competition (Palio della Balestra)

Gubbio - end of May
This is an old crossbow target shooting context, dating back to the 15th century.
Gubbio and San Sepolcro are the two contending towns, both of them having a very old tradition in this sport. The teams of archers wear historical clothes and so do flag wavers, engaged in spectacular exhibitions .


Giostra della Quintana (Horseback context)

Foligno - June (18 and 19), September (18 and 19)
This celebration, revived in 1946, derives from a horseback context dating back to the 17th century, the aim of the context being to rank the loyalty of knights to their prince and ladies. Ten knights, each representing a district of Foligno, test their skill by trying to transfix on their spears a set of gradually smaller rings. The sight is highly spectacular. On the eve of the competition, which takes place within the town stadium, a procession of 600 people in costume parades through the streets.

Giostra della Quintana: Foligno

Giostra della Quintana: Foligno

Mercato delle Gaite (Medieval daily life)

Bevagna - June (18 - 27 June)
This is an accurate representation of daily life in the Middle Ages. Along the most intriguing corners of Bevagna, the inhabitants of the four quarters or "Gaite" recreate the traditional workshops, inns and medieval market.
Shows, concerts, exhibitions and conferences, together with an archery context, enrich the yet animated evenings. Traditional craftwork is the focal point of the fair. In the old, dimly-lit workshops, skilled master-artisans devise exclusive objects using the original medieval techniques.

Mercato delle gaite: Bevagne

Mercato delle gaite: Bevagna

Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of the Two Worlds)

Spoleto - end of June/beginning of July
The Festival of the Two Worlds was established by Giancarlo Menotti and aims to be an opportunity for Italian, American and European cultures to meet and exchange ideas.
Nowadays, it is one of the most prestigious cultural events on the international scene, with a complete offer of theatre performances, ballets, opera, concerts, movies and art exhibitions.
The science section of the festival, Spoletoscienza, features conferences and debates open to the public, with the participation of leading personalities, including some Nobel Prizes winners.

Festival dei Due Mondi: Spoleto

Umbria Jazz

Perugia - July (8 - 18)
Umbria Jazz is one of the most important jazz events in Europe, established in 1973. All the greatest modern jazz musicians have been housed here. The event lasts ten days: concerts take place from morning to night in the historic centre of Perugia, amid old squares and ancient buildings. Perugia becomes a meeting point for thousands of young people coming from all over Europe and the United States.

Perugia: Umbria Jazz

Umbria Jazz: Perugia

Orvieto con gusto (Orvieto with taste)

Orvieto - October (2 - 10)
This important wine and food event aims to rediscover and safeguard the flavours and the traditional products, risking to get lost due to the increasing standardisation.

"A spasso con gusto" (Walking with taste) is a slow food itinerary to get to know tastes and aromas while walking on the streets. The "taste laboratories" are guided food and wine tasting, aiming to help participants in the choice of Umbrian and Italian products.
The programme features meetings, workshops and initiatives of the slow food network, the "good living" towns internationally associated.


Eurochocolate (link to the official website)

Perugia - October (16 - 24)
A great fair dedicated to chocolate lovers, turning once a year Perugia into an open-air bakery.
Chocolate crafting contexts, chocolate-tasting, exhibitions and many other events are held in the historic centre of the town. This is a unique and varied event, featuring the biggest Italian and international confectionery makers.

Perugia: Eurochocolate
Eurochocolate: Perugia


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